Khan el Khalili

Khan El Khalili is one of the most popular historical tourist markets in the whole world. Visited by numerous tourists who spend their vacation in Egypt, the market has turned throughout the years to be one of the attractions of  Egypt.

Travelers from all over the world who spend their holidays in Egypt visit Khan El Khalili to buy Egyptian style gifts and souvenirs. This is besides spending some time in one of the historical places.

Khan El Khalili is situated in the heart of Islamic Cairo. Surrounded by a number of wonderful Islamic monuments like El Azhar Mosque, El Hussein Mosque, the Complex of Qalawun, and Al-Aqsa Mosque.The Khan El Khalili touristic market is almost open for 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The History of Khan El Khalili :

Khan El Khalili was established by the Mamluk Sultan Jahrkas El Khalili at the end of the 14th century in 1382 on the ruins of a Fatimid graveyard that was called “El Za’afran tombs” that was relocated by Sultan Qalaun around 100 years before the establishment of the market.

Today the market has been modernized significantly, but there are still portions that display the original Mamluk style architecture, which featured great arches and vaulted ceilings.

The Description of Khan El Khalili : 

Khan El Khalili is featured with its large number of small shops that are attached to each other’s with narrow lanes connecting the different parts of the market where all the gifts and souvenirs that might interest the tourists who travel to Egypt are sold.

Khan El Khalili is like a carnival of goods and wonderful tints of different colorful outfits and dresses which are sold all over the Khan for the tourists .

There are also a number of shops that sell musical instruments including the famous Oud, oriental drums and tabla.

Khan El Khalili also houses a large number of traditional Egyptian handcrafts like handmade carpets, glass, crystal, and papyrus paper, simple jewelry and golden and silver items.

Tips for Shopping in Khan El Khalili :

No trip to Cairo would be complete without a visit to Khan Al-Khalili. The bazaar is loud, crowded, colorful, and exciting—full of all kinds of goods and shiny baubles. 

Here are some tips that will help you navigate and interact at Khan Al Khalili Bazaar :

  • The prices there are not fixed and each place is different ,So get ready to spend some time recording great performances. In order not to lose all your money.
  • Make a plan before you go , Because it is a vast area, it has multiple streets and regions, and it may take a long time to see everything.
  • Do not miss the opportunity to sit in the oriental cafe, relax , watch people wander around and eating Egyptian food 
  • It’s good to have a camera on that tour,So you can take great photosThe wonderful streets of Khan Al-Khalili
  • Finally, do not forget to buy an Egyptian galabeya

If you are eager to discover the ancient side of Cairo during your trip, make sure that exploring one of the oldest markets in the Middle East is the most enjoyable thing.

A trip to the market during your stay,Quite simply, it offers you one of the most original and exciting ways to experience this part of the world.

Do not miss the opportunity to know more about this amazing part of Cairo.

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